The finest steel has to go through the
hottest fire

The best steel doesn't always
shine the brightest.

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In a Nutshell

SUMUKA STEELS PVT LTD has built up a modern manufacturing complex comprising of pattern shop, moulding, melting, fettling, heat treatment, shot blasting and other testing facilities required for production of steel and alloy steel castings with reliable quality.

These facilities are incorporated putting in all the experience to create highly capable and sustainable infrastructure thereby meeting stringent national and international standards as well as maintaining consistency in quality, production and delivery.

Our enthusiastic team includes directors from various departments like production, quality and methoding who have abundant experience working in different steel foundries from past 22 years.

Line Of Action

  • Sales & Marketing

    Sales & Marketing

  • Development / Pattern Shop

    Pattern Shop

  • Moulding


    We have more than 600 patterns that give various shapes and sizes to liquid metal through moulding, depending upon our customers’ preference.

  • Melting / Pouring


    Molten metal is poured directly from a removable crucible in a variety of furnaces depending on the quantity of output that has to be manufactured.

  • Fettling


    After casting, the unnecessary metal pieces are removed and collected for re-melting. We follow various process of fettling for a complete clean up.

  • Heat Treatment

    Heat Treatment

    It involves the use of heating or chilling to extreme temperatures, to achieve hardening or softening, depending on the type of material.

  • Testing Facility

    Testing Facility

    Our testing department assures proper quality check before the production and delivery. Inspection and testing of castings encompasses various tests.

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